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The League and You

Voice in Washington

The League makes sure your interests are well represented in the right places. This included the Congress, the White House, the Department of Defense, the VA and the Department of Labor. Retention of your earned benefits, adequate funding of the Corps, and help for Marine families are just a few of the areas where the Marine Corps League serves you.

Detachment Activities

As a member you will be eligible to join a detachment in your community. Detachments function as the local expression of the League and set their own programs.

National Convention

Held each year, the national convention includes a full program of prominent speakers, working sessions, group tours and recreation- with plenty of time out for renewing old friendships.

Group Insurance Plans

A variety of coverage’s are available to meet the needs of members and their families at economical group rates. Group health plans now available include: CHAMPUS/Medicare supplement, Hospital Indemnity, Extra Major Medical, and Cancer Insurance. Group Life Insurance can be obtained in various amounts-in either Term or Cash Value Protection.

CHAMPUS/Medicare Supplement

MCL now offers the only CHAMPUS/Medicare Supplement Plan that provides 100% coverage with no pre-existing condition limitations once coverage has been approved.

Scholarship Funds

Every year the Marine Corps League distributes thousands of dollars in scholarship aid to deserving students. Children of the Marines receive preference.

Career Assistance

Marine Corps League contacts with other associations, the Department of Labor, employment agencies, and USMC headquarters can help you in your job search.


Members have easy phone access to tickets, travel and lodging reservations. With the convenience of one call you can secure reservations.

Auto Quote and Wholesale Purchase Plan

This plan was rated by leading magazine as one of the best buys in the country. As a prospective new care buyer, the service will provide you with a comprehensive price quote. If you then choose to purchase the care, it can either be picked up at the factory, at your local dealer, or even delivered to your home.

Extended Care Warranty

To help give you financial protection against unexpected major auto repair bills, and extended care warranty plan is available to you at special member discounts.

Member Buying Plan

A toll-free price quoting and buying plan hat guarantees you a lower price than you could get anywhere else in the continental United States. Virtually all brands, models, and styles are available. Annual fee is $18.


A broad rang of financial products and services are available. Included are tax-deferred annuities, tax-free money market funds, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, and discount brokerage services.

Legal Services

This prepaid legal service provides reduced rates for personal representation in or out of office; annual preparation, review, or update of simple will; and many other valuable legal services.


MCL members can take advantage of substantial discounts on personal computers and software through the mail.

Vitamins, Health Products, Prescriptions

As a MCL member you can save on prescription drugs and vitamins. You can prescription and pharmaceutical needs are filled by one of the nations finest laboratories. You’ll be pleased to see how quick and easy it is to order by mail.

Quarterly Journal

Each member received the Marine Corps League magazine, official publication of the League. Content includes articles, illustrations in color, news and photo features from detachments, VA information, special columns, and regular features such as "Reunion Calendar" and "Mail Call"

The Marine Corps League is a Marine Organization comprised of members who have honorably served or are now serving in the United States Marine Corps or the Marine Corps Reserved. The League is not a new organization. It was established in New York, Jun 1923, during a reunion of Marines of the First World War. It was chartered by an act of Congress, August 4, 1937.

Purpose of the Marine Corps League

To preserve the traditions, promote the interest , and perpetuate the history of the United States Marine Corps, and by fitting acts, observe the anniversaries of historical occasions of particular interest to Marines.

To band those who are now serving the United States Marine Corps and those who have been honorably discharged from that service together in fellowship, that they may effectively promote the ideals of American freedom and democracy.

To fit its members for the duties of citizenship and to encourage them to serve ably as citizens as thy have served our nation under arms.

To hold sacred the memory and history of men who have given their lived to the nation.

To foster love for the principles that they have supported by blood and valor since the founding of the Republic.

To maintain true allegiance to American institutions.

To aid voluntarily and to render assistance to all Marines, uniformed and civilians, as well as to their widows and orphans.

Semper Fidelis

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