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Westchester County Detachment Uniform Information

Ordering & Payment:

Everything mentioned can be ordered on-line or telephone with a credit card.


  • Marine Corps League National Headquarters
    Web: http://www.mcleague.org
    Phone: 800-625-1775
  • Uniform Center (for USMC uniform items):
    Phone:  800-368-4088/4089
  • Katzin’s Uniforms Inc. (for MCL Red Blazer):
    65 Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102.
    Phone: 800-201-0500 or 973-623-3457
  • New England Sportswear
    495 Main Street, Armonk, NY
    Phone: 914-273-2515

What are the Uniforms:

  • The Red Cover with Detachment identification. (MCL)
  • The Red & Yellow Marine Corps Satin Jacket. (MCL)
  • Red Blazer with MCL Pocket Crest, white shirt, black trousers, black shoes.
  • Blue Trousers with Red Stripes. Worn with short or long sleeve white uniform shirt. 
  • Accessories:Black tie, black shoes, emblem for your cover, web belt and buckle. MCL collar emblems are worn with white shirt. When ordering the buckle, order the anodized.
    Accessory Notes: The black tie should match the black trousers. The correct nomenclature, if ordered from an Army/Navy Store, is “Chief’s” tie (USN). It is black subdued. The Marine Corps League collar emblems are a pair. (Left and Right). They are worn with the white uniform shirt.

Ordering Uniforms:

  • Red Cover: Delivery takes 6-8 weeks. The order form is is already completed to include the detachment identification. If you are considering becoming a “Life Member” now is one of the times to do so as you can order the Life Member Strip and they will sew it on for you. Just write in Life Member on the Order Form after the Paymaster has received your Life Member dues. Add the cost for the Life Member Strip. From MCL National Headquarters.
  • Satin USMC Jacket: From MCL National Headquarters.
  • Red Blazer:Katzin’s Uniforms Inc.,  Mention Marine Corps League Red Jacket. Order the MCL Pocket Crest From MCL National Headquarters.
  • Black Trousers: Can be purchased anywhere.
  • Black Tie: “Chief’s” tie can be ordered from the Uniform Center.
  • Black Shoes: Patent Leather Finish. May be obtained from Frank’s Army & Navy Sport Shop, 430 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx, NY. Phone: 718-299-9628 or your local shoe store.
  • White Shirt(s): w/Red Blazer and Black Trousers: regular white long sleeve shirt.
  • Uniform White Shirt: The uniform white shirt is worn with the blue trousers. Our detachment has an arrangement with New England Sportswear to provide and sew on the MCL patch. The uniform shirt uses the collar ornaments (the collar ornaments can be ordered from MCL National Headquarters).
  • Blue Trousers and Red Stripes: Order from Uniform Center. The NCO red stripe is the regulation width.
  • Other: Marine Corps League Merchandise Price List available at http://www.mcleague.org or 800-625-1775.

Sewing and Alterations:

Alterations or sewing contact detachment member Wil Calderon owner of:

Jiffy Quality Cleaners
259 S. Central Park Avenue
Hartsdale, NY


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