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A Hero's Hero

Makayla Redmon, 13 years old, is daughter of Marine Staff Sergeant Michael and Laura Redmon. Makayla has a brother, Nickolas Redmon whom is 10 years old. Makayla has Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4B and has been undergoing some vigorous treatments beyond comprehension. Her attitude and valor on overcoming some of these treatments just shows what type of person she is. She has qualities that of a hero for conquering some of the worst situations imaginable. Like daughter like father- Mike Redmon is a Marine that has been in conflicts beyond imaginable. But nothing hits home more than what Mike and his family have been enduring with Makayla’s illness. Being in the military, despite the tremendous support of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps families are to their situation, there are limitations. A Marine myself, I understand these limitations and am passionate about helping, my brother from another mother. Some of these limitations that has the most impact on Mike’s situation are costs of some things that adds up and make it that much more difficult for the Redmon Family. Mike is one of my few best friends and I have vowed to raise money to help him and his family offset some of the costs of the following:

1. Offset some of Prescription needed- Even though the insurance provided by the military has been outstanding- there are still some co-pays with the medications for when she is allowed to go home.

2. Offset traveling arrangements- The nearest Hospital for Makayla is 86 miles away from where the Redmons live. Between Mike and his wife traveling back and forth from where they live, (near Camp Pendleton- where Mike is stationed), to the Hospital in Los Angeles, gas and wear and tear of their vehicles pile up. To give an example with in the last six months they have spent $1,960 just on going to and from the hospital.

3. Offset food costs while in the Hospital- Mike and Laura take turns being in the hospital. Due to Mike’s work and their son going to school, they alternate staying on Makayla’s bedside. They really have no choice but to buy food in the hospital’s cafeteria or local fast food joints spending around $5,200 extra just on food for the last six months so they can be at Makayla’s bedside.

Makayla and Mike’s relationship as father/daughter is one that really tears me up. Makayla, a true hero for the conflicts she has overcome and Makayla’s hero, her Dad Mike, serving his country honorably thru numerous conflicts. I am proud to have Mike and his family in my life. I am asking for your support to help offset these costs so they can focus on the Mission on hand and not have to worry about how they are going to survive all the bills.

To help this Marine Family and see the latest update,  please visit http://www.gofundme.com/Heros-Hero

Webmasters Note: Mike Redmon and Dan Valdes are members of the Westchester County Detachment, Marine Corps League


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