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Lint Center wins President Bush's Daily Point of Light Award on 9/11

This is a great award for the last 7 years of work with Lint Center for National Security Studies, 32 scholarships awarded, all work with zero paid employees!

We have been blessed to have a great group of volunteers and interns who are mission focused. We have all grown and learned from one another other.  I am amazed and thankful for all I learn each day from our many volunteers. 
Our operations are better coordinated now with Bridget.  Erin and Kevin have improved our process, speed and quality of screening, and integrating new volunteers into our program. Elizabeth working PR actions and pushing for this current award. Kathryn has a team of both volunteers and college interns who are reworking our website. (An amazing endeavor!) We have many teams of quiet volunteers who accomplish great projects.  While I mentioned just a FEW of the current volunteers, we have many in the past seven years who got us to the current operational state.  One volunteer that is close to the 6 year mark of volunteer is our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Tim Coleman.  We keep trying to wear him out, but have been unsuccessful. He has been the glue in LC working at all levels to get us to the point of our success.

We have had a lot of successes and we growing our list of corporate sponsors – Stratfor, the OPSEC Professionals Society, a leading global investment bank. Additionally, a leading internet-related services and products firm and hopefully sponsors more to come!

Stratfor our first and longest corporate sponsor graciously provided the following comment on hearing of the award to LC. “As a leading geopolitical intelligence and consulting firm that provides strategic analysis and forecasting to individuals and organizations around the world, Stratfor welcomes the opportunity to support aspiring national security and intelligence community workers,” said Fred Burton, Vice President of Intelligence at Stratfor.

“On this 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on our country, we are solemnly reminded of the serious challenges facing policy and decision makers as they strive to navigate the complexities of global geopolitical issues. Stratfor proudly supports the Lint Center for National Security Studies in its ongoing quest to identify and mold the next generation of counterintelligence and national security leaders, and we congratulate the entire Lint Center team for this important and well-deserved honor from the Points of Light organization."

Information on the Award that Lint Center for National Security Studies received on 9/11 is on their website.


Excellent news article from a Wash DC based paper: http://www.commdiginews.com/uncategorized/lint-center-for-national-security-studies-lauded-on-911-by-bushs-points-of-light-foundation-25623/

We will have more information coming out on our Blog: 


Remember we have scholarship competitions in JAN and JUL every year.

Tell your friends about our successes, we can always use their help and assistance!

Jim Lint, Chairman
Special Agent (Retired)


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